Pole Dance

An unexpected home

I first found pole dance when I was studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea in 2013. I was originally looking for a hip-hop dance studio, but the one I had found offered pole dance classes and I decided to try it out. Because why not? That was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did I discover a meaningful way to get fit and express myself, but I also found the most beautiful community where I felt I could truly be myself. With no previous fitness or dance background, I’ve been blessed to have learned from some of the best instructors in the world while also taking time to explore my own style of movement.

Pole dance is about taking care of your health, spirit, and passions with the unwavering support of a loving and thriving community. Pole dance is a home where you’re not only learning to push your body’s limits and creative artistry, but also come to love it for everything that it is capable of and more. Talk to any pole dancer, and they’ll tell you how it changed their perspectives of their bodies and themselves for the better. Of course there’s beauty in every shape, trick, movement, but the ways in which pole dancers makes those intimately, personally, and unapologetically their own is the real journey. It can be sexy. It can be weird. It can be graceful. It can be anything that feels good for the pole dancer. I’m here for all of that and beyond.


2020 PSO United Artistic Pro 🥈

2020 Body & Pole Tales from the Living Room

2020 PSO Golden Gate Showcase

2019 Body & Pole Exquisite Corpse

2019 PSO Nationals Freestyle 🥇

2019 Pole Theatre Worlds Pole Pro Drama Finalist

2019 PSO Golden Gate Freestyle 🥇

2018 Pole Expo Pole Classic 🥉

2018 PSO Nationals Men's Pro 🥈

2018 Pole Theatre USA Semi-Pro Drama  🥇

2018 PSO Pacific Pro Qualifier 🥈

2018 PSO Golden Gate Pro Qualifier 🥉

2017 PSO Nationals Level 4 Championship 🥇

2017 PSO Golden Gate Level 4 Dramatic 🥈

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