The future of health

Galileo is your partner in healthy living. We’re working to improve the quality and affordability of medical care for all — including complex and underserved populations — by building the future of health care, today. We have launched two distinct products — a digital platform and a value-based care delivery model — that are united by our underlying clinical intelligence system.

As the second design hire, I designed a number of high-impact solutions end-to-end including:

  • Electronic health record system
  • Patient care workflows
  • Clinician notation system
  • Medical record requests and imports
  • Clinician and admin task management
  • Covid support
  • Insurance roster onboarding
  • Home testing kits

Unfortunately, the bulk of my work is not public facing and I am unable to share these as case studies. Please reach out if you would like to learn more.

Core intake flow of the Galileo app available on iOS and Android
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